A smart merchant’s dream

smart cash register + card terminal + webshop + merchant portal

Benefit from a touch screen, easy and simple to use electronic cash register with an integrated card terminal. It provides you with the acceptance of all widely used bank cards. Furthermore, you will be able to process mobile payment as well.

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All smart merchant solutions in 1

smart cash register + card terminal + webshop = merchant portal

Need all of the above? Get comfortable on your couch and within a few minutes complete our online signup! Our cloud-based solution enables access to your invoices, turnover data and bookkeeping options with one login! Get your webshop up and running with a few clicks!

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Touch screen cash register


POS terminal for card acceptance


Integrated professional webshop


Sales data in real time


Turnover data in real time

Whether you use your phone or computer, access SmartPortal for all relevant data collected from your various sales channels and made available in real time,


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A digital cash register with NAV certification and integrated card terminal for the price of a small ECR!

Based on Android, equipped with a touchscreen, an easy to use software and with the printer and the mandatory tax control unit of NAV already integrated, we take it a step further and provide you with integrated card payments. Cash, card or with cell phone payment – no problem anymore, plus you can have your card turnover transferred to the bank account of your choice.


Terminal with android based smart phone application - Bank independent card acceptance

If you do not need a cash register, yet you want to accept card payments, just download our Android based payment application and accept card or smart phone based payments on the terminal provided with it. Choose our smartmPOS service and have your turnover transferred to the bank account of your choice.



If you would like to accept cards independently from a bank, and you want to offer payment by phone to your customers, but you do not need a cash register, our smartPOS offer is the right one for you.

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Fast, simple, unique and easy to use webshop. Knows everything it needs to about trouble-free turnover management. With an integrated Payment Gateway service for convenience.

Start selling online with our SMARTshop solution! No need for time and resources consuming installations, choose our webshop as a stand-alone product or combined with our SMARTkassa or SMARTpos offering without the usual technical challenges but with real-time information on your turnover. Don't settle for less!


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To protect your data at the highest standard, we apply all mandatory regulations on privacy and of the card organizations (PCI DSS).


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