We know!

  • We know that the world and technologies change and develop at a rapid pace.
  • We know how that it is a challenge to set up your online channels.
  • We know that at the end of the day you would like to have more customers and higher revenues.
  • We know how hard it is to take conducive decisions.
  • We know that paying attention to details is essential.
  • We know, that together we are more!

Finally, efficient

We support you in the digitalization of your sales processes, therefore on a day-to-day basis everything becomes more projectable, transparent and profitable. No need to collect and share vital information from and with different parties (accountant, secretary, cashier etc.) for hours on. “Click the button” and everything is available online, in a secure environment, accessible at any time.

We know you need a system where you can follow the performance and manage the products of your shops and webshops easily.

We work so you can accept card payments or other new payment methods (mobile payment, immediate payment) with ease. We know that you would like to see your accounting and invoices centralized, moreover use banking services independently or transfer funds from each of your bank accounts.

Therefore, we continuously develop our PSC Smart systems to offer uptodate solutions, at favorable terms to our community!


Smart sales systems

PSC’s services are designed to offer the best solutions. Payment methods, webshop, merchant reports, whatever it may be. Several years and great amount of resources went into creating an ecosystem. Our goal has always been: for a reasonable monthly fee, you just go ahead and use it.



A digital cash register with NAV certification – with tax module, integrated card acceptance and built-in printer for the price of a small cash register.

SmartKassa in two minutes >>

Card terminals

mPos: An attractively priced, new generation digital card terminal, which is connected to your smartphone via bluetooth

mPos in two minutes >>

Pos: a standalone (not integrated), modern, digital card terminal, which can be operated separately from your cash register or mobile phone

Pos in two minutes >>


To launch a webshop requires more than just development or rental, upload the products and wait for revenues. There is so much more to it. We need to understand our organizational and commercial processes. We need to understand our customers. We need to understand that different rules apply on the world wide web. Everything needs to be done slightly differently, our way of thinking needs to change, if we want to succeed!

Webshop in two minutes >>

Merchant portal

A cloud based system, connected to the cash register, where you can access all information about your products and financials, your sales and card transactions. Log in even with your phone, in real time!